John Deere Tech Program

At Kenn-Feld Group, we sponsor students that want to participate in the John Deere TECH program at Owens Community College in Perrysburg, OH. The John Deere TECH program is an educational experience that prepares you for a career at a John Deere Dealership. It is a two-year associate's degree and offers advanced training in John Deere products and systems.

If you would like to participate in the John Deere TECH program, we offer scholarships, a tuition reimbursement benefit, and company-provided tools and toolbox for students. Our mission is to employ one John Deere TECH program student in each of our six Ag locations.

Want to enroll in this program and work at KFG? Here's how.

First step 

Complete the Owens Community College entrance and registration requirements in THIS DOCUMENT.

Once that is complete, please send it to Owens Community College. The college's
contact is listed at the bottom of the Owens PDF application.

Second step

Complete a KFG application.

Third step

Fill out two KFG Degree Sponsorship Reference forms. Please have a teacher or Ag-related organization advisor fill these out.

Fourth step

Upload your KFG Application and KFG Degree Sponsorship Reference Forms here.

Submit Forms!

Note: Remember, you are responsible for submitting your Owens entrance application and registration form (step 1) to the contact at Owens Community College. Once you've submitted your KFG Application and Degree Sponsorship form, we will reach out to you!

Program Benefits and Information


KFG will provide a toolbox with a preset tool list once the student has been accepted to Owens and has started attending the Fall semester. KFG will retain ownership of provided toolbox and said list of starting tools. When the student completes the JD Tech program and two years of full-time employment with KFG, following graduation from Owens, ownership of the supplied box and tools will be transferred to the student employee—valued at over $3,500. Click here to see the list of what's included in the toolset.

KFG Scholarship Award

Students who meet eligibility requirements and are accepted into the JD Tech Program may apply for a $1,000 scholarship through KFG. This scholarship is renewable each semester for an additional $1,000.00 if the student maintains a minimum cumulative 2.80 GPA in the JD Tech Program, completes the renewal application, and provides their current Academic Transcript to KFG.

Tuition Reimbursement Rules

While attending the JD Tech program for the entire 2-year term, it is the student's sole responsibility to apply for all available scholarships and financial assistance. The student is also responsible for applying within the deadlines given by Owens Community College. The student must make every effort towards earning as much assistance as possible toward their college expenses while attending. Suppose the student chooses not to pursue available scholarship money and does not submit applications for such scholarships. In that case, KFG will reserve the right to deny tuition reimbursement to the student tech after graduation. The student must maintain an acceptable level of attendance for all classes (as defined by Owens CC) and must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.80 or higher in the JD Tech degree program.

Tuition Reimbursement Details

KFG will reimburse student tech for tuition expenses not covered by scholarships or grants up to a maximum of $9,000, spread over three years, once all the following criteria have been met:

  • The student-tech must graduate from the JD Tech program with a minimum cumulative 2.80 GPA. 
  • KFG offers the student a full-time position post-graduation (typically in the first part of May).
  • Student tech provides KFG with an Account Summary by Term from Owens Community College.
  • During the 18-month introductory period of full-time employment, the employee performs their duties satisfactorily, as reviewed by their direct supervisor.

The first disbursement will occur after a minimum of 17 months of full-time employment following graduation from the JD Tech Program. Payout will occur on the last pay period in December. The student must be actively employed at KFG on the payout date to receive the disbursement. Maximum reimbursement per year, over three years, will be $3,000.00.


If the student tech is terminated or voluntarily resigns, this program is null and void. 

Summary of Potential Tuition Assistance Benefits:

  • $5000.00 ($1000 per semester, KFG scholarship, five-semester program)
  • $9000.00 ($3000/year tuition reimbursement potential— spread over three years)

$14,000.00 Total Potential Education Assistance Available for JD Tech Program Student through KFG