New John Deere Field Connect™

Field & Crop Solutions
Key Features
  • Monitors moisture levels and feeds data to web-based interface
  • Support timely irrigation decisions helping to reduce over watering and nutrient leaching
  • Alerts you when moisture levels are reaching full or refill points

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Accessories and Attachments

John Deere Field Connect

10W Solar Panel - BPF10846
Extension Pole - 1 Meter - BPF10581
John Deere Mobile Weather 12" Extension Pipe - BPF10672
Leaf Wetness Sensor - BPF10832
Mounting Bundle - BPF10611
Probe Extension Harness - 27 Meter - BPF10771
Probe Extension Harness - 57 Meter - BPF10770
Pyranometer - BPF10785
Rain Gauge - BPF10784
Temperature Sensor - BPF10786
Temperature Sensor Shade - BPF10613
Weather Station - BPF11064
Wireless Harness for Analog Sensor - BPF11076
Wireless Harness for Soil Moisture Probe - BPF11094
Wireless Harness for Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge - BPF11077
Wireless Harness to Field Connect Gateway - BPF11093