Archbold Field Service Technician Duane Beck has been named Territory Champion 2022 for the John Deere Technician of the Year Program

John Deere Technician Award

posted on Friday, October 28, 2022 in Kenn-Feld News

Duane has been nominated because over the years he has shown a true concern for the customers and their success. In his own words “The way I look at it, our customers feed my family year-round so why wouldn’t I put in the extra effort to keep them running when they need it the most.”  Anyone that has worked beside Duane knows that is his true passion and how he lives his life. During planting and harvest it is very common to see him out before the sun comes up and out long after the sun goes down. He truly has a heart for the farmer and their business and desires to be their partner in success.

Duane serves today out of the KFG Archbold store location and continues to go above and beyond for the customer, company, and brand. Please join us in congratulating Duane on a job well done and wishing him continued success.