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Download the KFG Connect app

posted on Monday, July 11, 2022 in Newsletters

Save time at the parts counter by downloading the KFG Connect App. Click the links below to download straight to your smartphone or tablet.

Here are some ways our app can save you time and money.

Find What You Need Quickly

Look up equipment schematics and find the parts you need quickly. Once you've selected the parts you need, it's simple to place an order!

See Up-to-Date Inventory

Don't waste your time or fuel making multiple trips to the store! You can check to ensure we have the correct parts in stock before you make a trip to our location to pick them up.

Re-Ordering Parts

Once you order parts, your order and equipment information will be saved in the KFG Connect system. This is handy when reordering because you won't have to look up your old part numbers or wait for us to find them; you can simply reorder what you've bought before.