KFG Service Inspections


KFG understands that time and manpower are precious commodities. Preparation and planning are paramount in eliminating the mistakes and downtime during the growing season that can have devastating effects on yield and your bottom line. Kenn-Feld Group believes that there are 4 critical steps that will reduce downtime and increase efficiency during the growing season.


STEP 1 - Ready equipment for off season storage (clean, inspect, winterize and repair equipment prior to winter storage)

STEP 2 - Analyze Data

A. Validate & analyze post-season data (harvest, planting and application data)

B. Verify & load pre-season setup data (boundaries, maps, prescriptions, variety locator)

STEP 3 - Optimize equipment performance by verifying that equipment is set up properly and that you and your team fully understand how to make adjustments to equipment.

STEP 4 - Calibrate your combine to ensure that yield and moisture results are accurate as possible.

Providing you with the necessary assistance and knowledge to complete these 4 critical steps is the goal to which we strive. In order to meet this goal KFG has created a suite of service and support offerings entitled Ready-Set-Go.

Ready Set Go service inspection packages
The purpose for KFG Ready-Set-Go Packages is to provide a proactive approach to you, our customer, as it relates to in-field efficiency. Our offerings are designed to be multifaceted services that when applied together become a complete proactive solution that provides you with information and identifies issues before those issues can cause in-season down time. Because no one wants down time when it's "Go Time".

Planter Packages:

Sprayer Packages

Planter Inspection
Planter Winterization
Sprayer Inspection
Sprayer Winterization
Winter Technology and Data Support
Planter Optimization
Winter Technology and Data Support
Sprayer Optimization
Planter Ready Package
Planter Set Package
AMS Phone Support
Sprayer Ready Package
Sprayer Set Package
AMS Phone Support


Harvest Packages


Complete Farm Packages

Combine Inspection
Platform or Draper Inspection
Corn Head Inspection

Technology and Data Support (winter & summer)
Planter Go Package
Harvest Go Package

Summer Technology and Data Support
Combine Optimization
Combine Calibration
Technology and Data Support (winter & summer)
Planter Go Package
Sprayer Go Package
Harvest Go Package
Harvest Ready Package
Harvest Set Package
AMS Phone Support

Ala Carte Inspections and Winterization Services

Inspection services are designated to be performed as soon as you are finished using your equipment for the season so that any worn or damaged parts can be identified and repaired prior to being stored away for the year. While you're at it . . . get those liquid systems on your planter and sprayer flushed and winterized. That way you'll be Ready to Go next season.

Seeding Equipment


  • Check all drive chains and tensioners
  • Check all opener and wheel bearings
  • Check opener disk blades and fertilizer blades for wear
  • Check seed tubes, guards and sensors
  • Check seed and fertilizer drive bearings
  • Check hydraulic system and markers
  • Grease all zerks on planter
  • Check oil in fertilizer pump
  • Remove seed meters and run on test stand

Box Drill

  • Inspect row unit
  • Inspect gauge wheel and blade bearings
  • Inspect opener blade, seed boot, leaf spring and seed firmer
  • Grease depth shaft
  • Adjust gauge wheel

CCS Air Seeder

  • Inspect opener arms and seed boots
  • Inspect disk coulters, gauge wheels, press wheels
  • Inspect/Test metering, CCS Delivery
  • Test hydraulics and marker systems
  • Inspect frames and rockshafts
  • Inspect ground drive systems and transmissions
  • Inspect rate controls
  • Check lights and safety systems
  • Grease entire machine

Harvest Equipment


  • Check for error code, software updates & cab functions
  • Check air conditioning/heat
  • Check electrical system operations
  • Check all belts
  • Check fluid levels
  • Check hydraulic system
  • Check hydrostatic drive system
  • Check feeder house, drives, separating and threshing systems
  • Check loading and unloading augers
  • Check cooling system
  • Check chaffer/sieves
  • Check drivelines and bearings
  • Level Concaves
  • Grease entire machine


  • Check Drive components
  • Check reel system
  • Check knife components
  • Check stripper adjustments
  • Check gearbox oil levels
  • Grease entire unit

Corn Head

  • Check backshaft and bearings, slip clutches
  • Check gathering chains, sprockets and stalk rolls
  • Check gear case lube levels and condition
  • Check auger and gear case drive lube levels
  • Check deck plates and trash knives


  • Check engine, cooling and fuel systems
  • Run dyno test
  • Check electrical functions
  • Check for codes and software updates
  • Check operator's station, air conditioning, heating and controls
  • Check powertrain, drives, axles and PTO
  • Check hydraulics
  • Check steering
  • Check brakes
  • Check safety system

Spraying Equipment

Self-Propelled Sprayer

  • Check engine, cooling and fuel systems
  • Check electrical functions
  • Check for codes and software updates
  • Check operator's station - air conditioning, heating and controls
  • Check powertrain, hydrostatic drives and wheel hubs
  • Check hydraulics
  • Check steering and brakes
  • Check boom, spray pump, valves, nozzles and hosesHagie
  • Check AMS display, receiver, autotrac and wheel angle sensor
  • Check suspension, chassis, air bags and scissor linkages

Sprayer Winterization

  • Flush solution system and pump
  • Clean strainers and flow meter
  • pump antifreeze solution through entire system
  • Remove and clean tips and screensR4038
  • Drain marker and hand rinse tank
  • Change hydraulic and hydrostatic filters and planetary hub oil
  • Lubricate all grease zerks

Forage Equipment

Mower Conditioners

  • Inspect cutter bar and knives
  • Inspect conditioner rolls and bearings
  • Inspect drive line, gear cases and slip clutches
  • Check hydraulic functions
  • Inspect safety shields, lights and signs
  • Grease and check fluid levels


  • Check PTO drives, belts and chains
  • Inspect pickup head, rolls and wrapping system328 baler
  • Check fluid levels as required
  • Grease entire machine
  • Inspect bale belts
  • Test rear gate and bale ramp operation469 baler
  • Inspect plunger head, knotter and kicker (square balers)
  • Adjust setting per OM and inspection list

Compact Utility Vehicle Equipment

Compact Utility Tractor
Compact Utility Vehicle Ultimate Inspection & Service

  • Clean engine compartment
  • Check air filters1025R
  • Clean and check cooling fins
  • Clean screens
  • Check/change engine oil
  • Check/change oil filter
  • Check high and low idle speed
  • Check exhaust system
  • Check/clean spark plug, check spark arrestor
  • Check cold weather start aid625I
  • Check battery and battery cables
  • Check lights
  • Check fuel tank and lines
  • Check steering operation and brakes
  • Check fuses

Snow Plow

  • Check blade, springs, frame, mounting and all hardware
  • Check condition of cutting edge
  • Check vehicle battery size and test
  • Test motor amp draw
  • check all wiring, connections and lights
  • Check hydraulic system for leaks and change oil
  • Test pump pressure
  • Check operation of all functions
  • Grease all fittings

Lawn & Garden Equipment

Ultimate Inspection and Service Program

  • Check safety system operation
  • Basic operation checkx590
  • Change engine oil (filter if equipped)
  • Grease complete machine
  • Replace spark plug(s)
  • Replace air filter
  • Sharpen mower blades
  • Replace fuel filter (if equipped)
  • Check battery and charging system
  • Adjust tire pressure
  • Check coolant level and condition (if equipped)Z335
  • Level and adjust mower deck
  • Clean mower deck, check all deck bearings and belts
  • Power wash complete machine (in shop only)

Commercial Worksite Products

Skid Steer/Track Loader, Compact Excavators

  • Check controllers for updated software
  • Inspect engine components
  • Inspect cooling and fuel systems
  • Inspect electrical functions
  • Inspect drives, steering and brakes
  • Inspect hydrostatic function35G
  • Check operator station functions
  • Inspect tire/track condition
  • Inspect boom and linkage pivot bushings
  • Grease all zerks on machine

Service Package

  • Includes loader inspection
  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Change engine air filter and cab air filter (if equipped)
  • Change hydraulic and hydrostatic filters and oil
  • Adjust track tension/torque wheel bolts312GR
  • Change chain case/final drive oils
  • Check coolant condition
  • Check all other gearbox oil levels
  • Check and adjust neutral of hydrostat control levers

Original Engine Manufacturer* Inspection

OEM Inspections
*Irrigation pumps, generator sets, manure pumps, non-John Deere sprayers, non-John Deere floater/spreaders, yard trucks, non-John Deere end loaders, street sweeps, tub grinders, etc.

4045 Engine