KFG Service Specials

KFG Service Specials and Promotions

Planting season is quickly approaching get your planter inspected/repaired soon! Check out our planter inspection programs starting at $25.00 per row.

Time to be thinking about spring and warmer weather, Call today to schedule your mower for a comprehensive KFG Ultimate Inspection!  Check out our turf inspection programs on our Service page. inspections starting at $159.00.  Our prices "include" the basic maintenance parts (engine oil, filter, air filter, spark plugs, and fuel filter).

If you're a contractor, you know time is critical and with the ground thawing it will soon be "go time".  We have service offerings available that will keep your equipment running when you need it the most.  Call today to schedule a Ready-Set-Go inspection for your yellow fleet of John Deere equipment.  Inspections starting as low as $120.00 per machine, and yes we can inspect and repair other makes of machines as well.