3 Family (25-46HP)

Find the Right Small Tractor for You

The John Deere 3 Series compact tractor lineup focuses on three areas of importance: affordability, premium features and heavy-hauling power. Get low monthly payments and additional cash savings with the purchase of implements only at your local KFG.

3E Series – affordability: 24–37 hp. Open station. Easy-to-use hydrostatic controls, four-wheel drive and optional iMatch™ Quik Hitch attachments to make implement changeover easy.

3R Series – premium features: 32–45 hp. The 3R Series focuses on creature comforts, like an ergonomic operator’s station, your choice between two transmission types, climate-controlled cabs and optional AutoConnect™ drive-over mower deck.

3D Series – heavier hauling power: 25–43 hp. Open station. Heavy-duty drivetrain, simple gear drive transmission, four-wheel drive, optional iMatch™ Quik Hitch attachments, which makes implement changeover a breeze!

equipment 1
3025D Compact Tractor
Starting at: $17,278.00
equipment 2
3035D Compact Tractor
Starting at: $21,323.00
equipment 3
3043D Compact Tractor
Starting at: $24,558.00
equipment 4
3025E Compact Utility Tractor
Starting at: $18,879.00
equipment 5
3032E Compact Utility Tractor
Starting at: $21,340.00
equipment 6
3033R Compact Utility Tractor
Starting at: $25,384.00
equipment 7
3038E Compact Utility Tractor
Starting at: $23,800.00
equipment 8
3039R Compact Utility Tractor
Starting at: $28,042.00
equipment 9
3046R Compact Utility Tractor
Starting at: $32,574.00