Lawn Mowers and Equipment

Finding the right mower for your property.

Whether you’re a homeowner or an experienced lawn care professional, we are here to help you find the right riding lawn tractor or zero-turn mower.

Where to start.

I’m still in the research phase!

That’s completely okay; we understand a lawnmower is a big purchase! Head over to our Riding Lawn Equipment Buyer’s Guide to find advice on determining what mower is best for you.

I’ve done my research, but now I’m learning about equipment and pricing.

What are the costs?

We understand that price is important. Feel free to browse our latest discounts on mowers by visiting our promotions page.

What mower would KFG recommend?

Here is a quick list of our recommended mowers by property size.

1.5 Acre or Less

2 Acres or Less

3 Acres or Less

6 Acres or Less